Safety and Environment Certifications

The items proposed by AZ Scuola are all compliant and respect the Italian and European safety standards relating to their fields of application.
They have undergone very stringent tests and have obtained, where required, the necessary certifications from qualified bodies in the sector of children’s products and furnishings.


Thousands of items for nurseries, preschool furniture, equipment for playrooms and baby parking. Durable, functional and stimulating, chosen among the best Italian and European products and provided with the “EC” marking.
Respectful of all aspects concerning the chemical and mechanical safety of materials: non-toxic, fireproof, anti-shock, anti-reflective, washable, hygienic and durable.
All school furniture is made with natural, recycled and/or recyclable materials:
– the wood used for nursery furniture is class E1 certified with low formaldehyde, FSC or PEFC content from responsibly managed forests.
– PVC, plastic and plasticisers used for the construction of toys for playrooms, tableware and coatings of items in polyurethane foam for setting up play areas, are bisphenol A and phthalate free.
All the items proposed for nursery schools are characterised by their sturdiness, which optimises their duration over time.
AZ Scuola is also very attentive to reducing the environmental impact in logistical processes, delivering unassembled school furnishings to reduce their volume and consequently reduce the pollution associated with the transport and disposal of packaging.