The Classroom 3.0 project was created to redesign the way work is done in the classroom, which is still mainly focused on lessons provided from the front of the classroom today. It aims to provide new learning spaces to create more fluid teaching, attentive to the needs of children and in line with what happens outside school today where communication is mainly multimedia, two-way and interactive thanks to social networks and the internet in general.

Many schools have already participated in the project in order to recreate flexible, multifunctional, modular and easily configurable spaces according to the activity carried out, able to satisfy constantly changing contexts.

Interactive whiteboards, video projectors connected to PCs, internet connection with dedicated clouds, multifunction printers and much more; in short, a true technological centre where students can use various tools to make lessons more innovative.

Thus also the furniture of the Classroom 3.0 undergoes profound changes to meet the needs of functionality and stimulus. No longer simply facing the front of the classroom, desks become modular so that they can be used both individually and joined together for group work. The arrangement of the same desks no longer follows a precise order, but is adapted according to the work the students are doing, favouring the teacher’s movements and interaction with the students in a more explicit and direct manner. Given the presence of digital devices inside the new classrooms, furniture components such as movable desks with wheels and multifunctional bookcases play an important role. Also from a visual point of view, the newly conceived classrooms discard the old concepts of monochrome, adopting multicoloured solutions that make the environment more liveable.

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