1. A) Do you also sell to private individuals?

Yes, we also sell to private individuals, you do not need to have a VAT number. A Tax Code is sufficient and there is no minimum order amount required. However, consider that for orders of less than € 250 or those shipped to Sardinia, smaller islands or disadvantaged locations, a shipping fee will be added.

  1. B) Who should I contact for more information on the products and the cost of the items?

For more information and product prices, you can fill out the contact form online or send a fax to +39 0825 1806914 specifying the code and description of the product for which you’d like additional information. You can also contact us by phone at +39 0825 1806922, where our qualified staff will give you all the information requested.

  1. C) How can I request a paper catalogue?

To request a catalogue, simply fill in the contact form online by entering the applicant’s data: address – street and number – postcode – city – and telephone contact. The catalogue is sent FREE of charge. In addition, all the information on new items that have not yet been added to the catalogue and are present on this site can also be sent via e-mail (if requested).

  1. D) Can I request a consultation to learn about the procedure to follow to open a nursery/pre-school – baby-parking/playroom?

Yes, you can receive consultancy by filling out the contact form online or by contacting us at +39 0825 1806922

  1. E) How can I request a quote?

To request a quote, simply fill in the contact form online, contact us at +39 0825 1806922 or send a fax to +39 0825 1806914 and our sales department will reply as soon as possible. The request for a quote is free of charge, does not involve any obligation to purchase and is not binding for the customer.

  1. F) Design Request

You can request the design of interior spaces by filling out the contact form online or by contacting us by phone at +39 0825 1806922. The cost is calculated based on the square metres of the spaces. If the project is confirmed with the purchase of the relative furniture, you will be reimbursed for the design cost.

  1. G) How long does it take to deliver the goods?

The items ordered are delivered by our courier. Delivery times are: – one week for products in stock, – two to four weeks for products not available in stock. It is also possible to deliver the ordered goods to an address other than the billing address, specifying the address when ordering.

  1. H) Is it possible to return goods?

Of course, goods can be returned and also replaced, or you can obtain a refund which, however, will be issued after checking the returned goods. For further clarifications or information, don’t hesitate to contact us at the telephone numbers indicated above. Our staff is at your complete disposal. Best Regards.