AZ Scuola is pleased to present Jolly Heap – Magnetic Cubes, an exclusive high quality certified toy, designed to stimulate the imagination and psychomotor, manual, social and logical development of your children.


Entirely made of non-toxic and easy-to-clean material, the Jolly heap Magnetic Cubes, which come in 4 different shapes and various colors, are constructions containing 24 magnets inside that connect together by simply bringing them together and creating three-dimensional structures of different shapes and sizes


In addition to being soft and silent, Jolly Heap magnetic cubes also develop motor skills, concentration, spatial imagination, associative thinking, visual memory and precision. By imagining and coordinating movements, the child is stimulated to learn and encouraged to become familiar with the surrounding world.


Due to their structure, Jolly Heap Magnetic Cubes are ideal in Physiotherapy as a multi-tool for all types of exercises. In fact, they can be used as a mattress, exercise table, obstacle course, balance courses, stairs, slides, weights, steppers of various heights and even as a roller (see the video)

Az Scuola - Cubi Magnetici Jolly Heap

    Download the Illustrative Manual of Magnetic Cubes-Jolly Heap

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